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GODLING # 17: Trapped!

GODLING # 17: Trapped!

  Godling stands in the food court of the New Troy Mall. There are
unconscious people all over the mall, windows are smashed.
“What the Hades happened here?” he says.
Behind him are a few cops, among them is Officer Janson. She says, “He
calls himself Speed Metal. Superspeed and superstrength. He’s been
looting the stores and basically just wreaking havoc. He doesn’t seem
to be really interested in stealing, just in creating a bloody mess.
We tried to stop him but he’s too fast to hit with our guns and too
strong to detain.”
“I’ll make him sorry he ever entered this mall,”Godling says grimly.
“Show yourself, Speed Metal! Let’s see how you fare against me?”
Something coming from the right hits Godling in the chin, making him
spit some blood. It returns from the left, hitting him again. Then it
returns from the front, hitting him with such impact Godling is thrown
backwards, bowling over the cops.
The assailant stands still. It’s a young hardrocker with metallic
skin. Laughing, he says, “I think I fared pretty well.”
Godling untangles himself from the cops that are under him. While they
help each other up Godling points an accusing finger at Speed Metal.
“I’ve taken down tougher villains than you, punk. You just
suckerpunched me.”
“Let me suckerpunch you again,” Speed Metal says and punches the One
Man Pantheon a hundred times with superspeed. This time, however,
Godling uses the invulnerability of Achilles to take the damage
without blinking.
Speed Metal stops punching him after a while and stands there panting,
a confused look on his face. “Why didn’t you go down?”
Godling doesn’t answer that but just gives him a roundhouse punch with
Heracles strength that catapults Speed Metal through a bookstore’s
window. With Hermes speed he goes after him.
Speed Metal is buried underneath a rack of books.
Godling picks up the rack with one hand and throws it behind him. He
grabs Speed Metal by the hair, picks him up and holds him in front of
him. “Your reign of terror is over, Speed Metal.”
“Who writes those speeches of yours? James T. Kirk? You’re giving me a
headache!” Speed Metal says. He headbutts the hero, making Godling
drop him. He takes off with superspeed.
Godling rubs his painful forehead and then follows Speed Metal with
the speed of Hermes. They run through the mall, follow the stairs and
go higher until they are at the top floor.
Speed Metal suddenly stops, Godling isn’t able to stop on time and
runs into the villain’s elbow. Godling goes down.
Speed Metal stands in front of him, smiling, his arms crossed. “I am
so kicking to kick your ass.”
A hail of bullets catch the villain in the chest, not enough to wound
his metal skin, but enough to make him stagger back. Janson and two
other cops appear from the stairs, firing their handguns.
That was all the distraction Godling needs. Now, angry as Hades, he
barrels into Speed Metal at Hermes-speed, driving him against the
wall. He grabs him by the hair, swings him around with Heracles
strength and lets him go. The villain flies through the mall, hitting
another wall. As he tries to get up Godling throws a Zeus lightning
bolt at him. There is the smell of iron being forged and Speed Metal’s
lights go out. He lies there, KO, smoke coming from his metal skin.
“Haste makes waste,” Godling tells him. He focuses his attention on
Janson. He thanks her for her help.
“No problem, Godling. Thank you for your help.”
He had to admit she was getting prettier every time he saw her. Had he
been focusing on Monica Sawyer that much that he had been unable the
other great women around him. He felt bad her offer to get some coffee
with him, in his identity of Quentin Alexander had been cut short by
Speed Metal’s attack.
“You should interrogate this guy, see where he gets those superpowers
from. This invasion of supervillains has to have some kind of source.
I think a mysterious man called Master Destiny is behind this, but I
have no idea where to find him.”
“We’ll grill him,” Janson assured the hero.*
Tony Gold sits in his bar, nursing a drink. “Things are getting
crazier every day. More and more of those supervillains are popping
up. How are my guys supposed to keep up with that?”
The door of the bar opens.
“Get out of here, we’re closed.”
Three shadowy figures enter. “No, you are out of business,” one of
them says.
“What are you talking about?” Gold asks, now alarmed and reaching for
the cellphone in his jacket. He’s got Godling’s phone number there,
having handed the One Man Pantheon a phone so he could call him for
Before he can get the gun out one of the figures has reached him and
breaks his wrist. The phone drops to the floor. He smiles at Gold with
silver fangs.
“I’ve got to call Godling,” Gold thinks.
One of the other figures eyes start to light up. Fire shoots from the
eyes, burning Gold to a crisp.
The third figure steps up. He looks just like Gold and picks up the
phone from the floor. He looks up Godling in the Contacts and calls
Godling was on his way to the University because of a class he had to
give as Professor Alexander when he ran into a bank robbery. A guy
looked like a mix between a Triceratops dinosaur and a bodybuilder. He
didn’t want to be late for class, but couldn’t ignore that situation
either. So, as a result, he was being knocked through the wall of the
First Troy Bank, landing on a cab parked outside.
Triceratops Man left the bank through the new hole in the wall and
sauntered over to the hero, ready to give him some more hell. Godling
was pretty mad by now, though. First being pummelled by Speed Metal,
now by this villain had cost him all the patience he had. Kid’s gloves
were off. So he picked up the car, using Heracles strength, and hit
the villain with it.
Triceratops Man went down. Godling started to hammer into the villain
with the car until it was totally wrecked and the inhumanly strong
villain KO.
Then Godling heard his phone ring. He picked up, still panting from
the fight. He recognized the voice immediately. “Gold?”
“Yeah, this is Tony. You’ve got to go to the bar, pronto. I’ve got
some news about Master Destiny.”
“I’m on my way,” Godling assured him, and away he was. With Hermes
Godling entered Tony Gold’s bar. The lights were out. He could barely
make out the lone form of Tony Gold sitting at the bar.
“Mind if I turn on the lights?” Godling asked.
“No, go ahead,” Gold said.
As the lights went on two more figures were revealed. They both were
wearing dark suits. One of them had a face that was a mix of an
alligator and a human face. The other one had fire coming out of his
mouth and eyes.
Tony Gold started to change form. Suddenly he had a face that only
consisted of eyes. No nose, no mouth, no hair, no ears.
“What the Hades?” Godling exclaimed.
“May I introduce you to my friends, Mr. Gator, Mr. Napalm and Mr.
Morpho,” a voice said. Then Death Dog appeared. “I think you still
remember me? We’re going to kick your ass, hero.”


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GODLING # 16: City Under Siege

GODLING # 16: City Under Siege
by J. Vandersteen, illustration by Dan Sehn

A centaur with a horn on top of his head is being wrestled down by
Godling. In the background is an armored car.
"Did you really think it was a good idea to rob an armored car in the
middle of the day, in the middle of New Troy?" Godling asked the
"Nothing can stop Mr. Unicorn," the centaur says and shakes off the
Godling falls down on the road. As he slowly gets up Mr. Unicorn
gallops toward him, horn first, ready to spear him.
The One Man Pantheon is ready for him, however and grabs the horn,
using the strenght of Heracles to swing the villain against the armed
car. The result is that Mr. Unicorn is slumped against the armored
car, surrounded by armed cops.
The leader of the cops, Wade Hudson tells Godling, "Thanks, I guess we
needed your help on this one. I don't know why but it seems suddenly
the city is crawling with supervillains."
Godling had noticed that himself already. Where a week ago there was
only a handful of them active the last year now there was an explosion
of colorful, superpowered villains.
"I don't know either, but there's something strange going on, that's
for sure."
"Well, I won't rest until this goon tells me how he turned into this
Then, from a patrol car, a cop yells, "Sarge, there's another incident
with a freak at City Hall. And guess what... he's holding the mayor
Before Wade can Godling for help the hero is already gone.*
A young guy in a Slayer T-shirt stands before Master Destiny.
"I heard you're giving away superpowers. I want some, dude," the
rocker says.
"Fine. You can have them, but remember that to get them you will be on
call to me 24 hours a day."
"I don't need no boss, dude," the rocker says.
"It's not like that. You're free to go whatever you want to do with
the powers... Until I ask for your help. Sort of like being an Army
"Cool. I guess that's okay."
"What do you intend to do with your powers?"
"Create havoc, man! Anarchy!"
"Good," Destiny says. "That suits my purposes very well."
He points his Spear of Destiny at the rocker. A beam of light comes
from the Spear and envelops the rocker.
The rocker's skin turns into metal. He moves his hands and discovers
that he can move them at superspeed. "Wow, radical!"
"I dub you Speed Metal," Destiny says. "NOw take off and do harm!"
Speed Metal was gone in a second.
Destiny laughs, "Another one to keep Godling busy. My plan of inviting
thugs to give them superpowers is working. With all these
supervillains running around there's no way he has time to follow up
on Tony Gold's story." (as seen in last ish -- Ed).*
City Hall. The outside is filled with cop cars. They all have their
guns pointing at City Hall. A negotiator is shouting through a
megaphone. "Let the mayor go! We've got you surrounded."
The answer comes in the form of a City Hall employee, being thrown out
of a window. "I've got the upper hand here. And the only way I'm going
to let the mayor go is when you get me a helicopter and a million
bucks. And be quick about it, or the next one out the window will be
the mayor."*
Inside City Hall the mayor is on his knees. Behind him stands a man
with a head that resembles a squid, tentacles hanging in front of his
mouth, obscuring it.
"You think they got the message?" he asks the mayor.
The mayor pleads, "Please, don't hurt anyone any more. Let us go."
The villain wraps his tentacles around the mayor. "When I get my money
and my helicopter you're free to go. If not, you die. It's that
Someone taps the villain on his shoulder. He turns around and is met
by Godling's fist, knocking him across the room, freeing the mayor
from his grip.
Groggy, Squidhead gets up. "How did you get in here unseen?"
"I just used Hades'power to become invisible and walked right in
here," Godling says. "And I've got a lot of other powers to channel.
So just surrender before you really get hurt."
"You won't be taking me down that easily," Squidface says. His
tentacles become longer and longer, wrapping them around Godling.
"Did you really think you could trap me for long?" Godling says and
breaks free from the tentacles. "I've got the strength of Heracles!"
He grabs the tentacles and pulls Squidhead closer. Then, with the
speed of Hermes he uses the tentacles as a rope to tie up the villain.
Satisfied he stands next to the wrapped up body. "Ready for the cops."
"Godling! Thank you, thank you! How can I thank you?" the mayor says.
"Just invest well in the police department. I can't be everywhere at
the same time and with this invasion of supervillains it seems
"Don't worry. I'll make sure of it," the mayor says. "But let me thank
you by declaring a Godling Day."
"I'm not in this for the glory," Godling says. "I just want to protect
people." But he knows that the Greek Gods who give him his powers
would appreciate it. After all, the reason they gave him those powers
in the first place was to improve their image and visibility on Earth
"A true hero... You'll hear from me!"
"I have to go now," Godling says and leaves with the speed of Hermes.
He has papers to grade, after all he's a superhero part-time, he has
duties as college professor as well.*
Godling enters his appartment in his professor Quentin Alexander
identity. He's tired but can't go to sleep, he's got papers to grade.
He makes himself a cup of coffee.
He sits down on the couch with the papers and his coffee. Then there's
a knock on the door.
He gets up, opens the door and is greeted by pretty officer Janson.
Deja-vu (see #10), he thinks.
"Don't worry, professor. I'm here not to arrest you this time." She
smiles a wonderful smile.
Quentin laughs. "Good to hear. What can I do for you?"
"I just wanted to let you know I never really thought you were guilty.
And I wanted to see if you're okay."
"That's very nice of you. I'm doing fine, thanks."
"I was also wondering if... err... maybe you'd like to go and grab
some coffee with me sometime."
"I'd love to," Quentin says.
There's a sound from Janson's radio. She answers it. "Oh god...
Another supervillain! This is crazy."
"What's going on?"
"Some superpowered hardrocker is tearing apart the mall, my assistance
is needed. Sorry, have to go. I'll give you a call. Thanks for taking
me up on the invite."
"Sure," Quentin says.
Janson leaves, Quentin closes the door. He looks at the papers and
sighs. "Maybe I should quit my day job."
He changes into Godling and leaves his place through the window...


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GODLING # 15: Dealing with the devil

GODLING # 15: Dealing with the devil
By Jochem Vandersteen
Godling jumps down from a wall, fists clenched in the air, saying,
“Leave him alone!”
He lands on the floor of a dark alley where two thugs, one armed with
a knife and one with a pistol have cornered another man.
“This neighbourhood falls under my protection now. Don’t think that
with the death of Safari you can just rob innocent people without any
“Go to hell!” the thug with the gun says and aims his weapon at the
Godling uses the speed of Hermes to wrest the gun from the thug’s
grip. A few lightning quick punches (TWACK-TWACK-TWACK-TWACK-TWACK)
take the bad guy down.
The thug with the knife wraps an arm around his victim and puts a
knife to his throat. “Beat it or this guy’s toast.”
“Drop the knife,” Godling says and aims the confiscated gun at the
thug. “I can channel the powers of a God of War. No way I’m going to
“#$% you!” the thug yells.
One well placed shot hits the thug in the shoulder, making him drop
the knife. Godling rushes over to him and floors him with a roundhouse
“Are you okay?” Godling asks the victim.
The victim nods. “Sure, these guys took me by surprise.” Then
something drops from his pocket. Godling picks it up. Cocaine!
“What the Hades? Were you buying drugs from these guys? Or were you
selling that crap to them and did they decide to rip you off?”
“Come on, Godling. Forget about it, okay. Everybody’s okay here.”
Godling grabbed him by the shirt. “It’s not okay. If you’re involved
with drugs I’m going to get you to the cops along with these
“If you let me go I’ve got some information you’d be interested in!”
“You want to cut a deal with me? Who do you think I am? The District
“Don’t you want to know who’s behind the influx of superpowered
baddies in New Troy?” the man leers.
“I know a guy who knows more about that. Seems there’s some incredibly
powerful mastermind behind all of it.”
“Where can I find that guy? And how do I know you’re not lying to me?”
“I’ll tell you when you promise to let me go.”
Godling thinks about that. He doesn’t like letting criminals go free.
“What do you have to lose? If you let me go a smalltime dealer stays
on the street. If you don’t let me go you pass up on the chance of
taking down the biggest crimelord of New Troy.”
Godling has to admit the guy has a point. “I promise to let you go
this time. But if I catch you with drugs again I personally will slam
the door of your cell shut.”
“Sure. Okay, you need to talk to a guy they call Tony Gold. He hangs
out at a bar a few blocks from here called The Spot. Biggest crime
boss in the area. Can’t miss him, he’s got a mouth full of gold.”
“You’d better not be lying to me.”
“I swear I’m not!”
“Good, then beat it!” Godling says. The man runs away, leaving the
hero with the two other thugs.
He takes out a cell phone and calls the cops, telling them there’s
some garbage for them to pick up, courtesy of the One Man Pantheon.
With Hermes speed Godling scours the city, looking for the bar called
the Spot. It only takes him a few minutes. He stops in front of the
bar. There's a neon sign on the roof that shows the name in big purple
characters. He walks in.
The bar is filled with unsavory characters, from bikers to gangbangers
and all sorts of riffraff. At the bar sits a big black guy with a
fedora and gold teeth. The patrons look at the entering hero.
"What the hell are you doing here?" the black guy says.
"If you're Tony Gold I'm here for you."
Suddenly almost half of the patrons takes out a gun and form a line in
front of Tony.
"I see you've got some protection," Godling says. "Too bad it won't do
you any good."
With Hermes speed he takes on the bodyguards. A few minutes later the
floor of the bar is willed with weapons that have been taken apart.
"I'm here to talk. No weapons necessary, okay?"
"Tell me. What do you need?"
"Word on the street is you know more about the whole explosion of
superpowered beings in New Troy."
"I know a lot of things. But why would I tell you anything?"
"Well, there's a lot of guns here and a lot of characters who don't
want to get involved with the cops, I'm sure. If you tell me what I
want to know I won't call them."
Tony thinks about that. "You do know that I can get you in a lot of
trouble if you take me on. This is just a small example of the people
I have working for me."
"Did you see how easily I disarmed your thugs. That is just a small
example of the powers I have."
Tony sighs. "Very well. I've learned that there is a powerful man
pulling the strings of all organized crime behind the scenes. They
call him Master Destiny."
"Is he pulling your strings as well?"
Tony laughs. "He wants to. In fact, he sent over some of his
superpowered enforcers to get me to work with him. My men took them
"Where does he get those superpowered men?"
"I heard he can give superpowers to normal people. Wouldn't mind to
have that power myself."
"Where can I find him?"
Tony shrugs. "No idea. I just know what I told you."
"Aren't you afraid he'll sent his enforcers after you once again?"
"I have some pretty well-armed people behind me."
"You've seen what a superpowered individual can do with those guns."
Tony looks around and picks up a piece of a gun. He looks worried.
"I'll make you a deal. You help me find Master Destiny and I will
protect you from his men."
"That doesn't sound too bad."
Godling put up a finger. "Make no mistake, that won't mean I will be
letting you get away with your criminal acts. I'll protect you from
bodily harm but I WILL stop you if I catch you doing something
"Sure, sounds fair."
Tony digs around in his pocket. Godling holds up a hand. "Watch it,
"Don't panic. I just wanted to give you this," Tony says and hands
Godling a cell phone. "If I find out anything or if I'm in danger I'll
call you on this phone. Keep it with you."
"All right," Godling says. "And again, be warned... I WILL be making
sure your criminal acts are thwarted."
"Yeah, yeah. Sure."
Then, Godling is gone.
"Well, well... So you are striking a deal with the devil, Godling,"
Master Destiny says, watching one of the screens in his lair. He's
seen everything that went on in The Spot.
A beautiful scantily clad woman walks in, carrying a plate with a
glass of wine. Master Destiny takes the glass and kisses the woman.
The woman leaves and he sips from the wine.
"I will make sure you will be way to busy to ever get involved with
me, hero. Selena, come back!"
The beautiful woman walks in again. "Master?"
"I need you to contact all my underlings. There is a message I need to
put out on the streets."
Selena bows. "Certainly, master."
Godling stands at Safari's grave.
"Don't worry, friend. I will be making sure your neighbourhood is
safe. I know I made a tricky choice by allying myself with Tony Gold.
But something needed to be done in a New Troy without your extra
Tony Gold drinks a beer at the Spot. He looks very pleased with
himself. He thinks, "This is working out quite well. If I can get
Godling to take out Master Destiny I will be ruling the New Troy
underworld. And then I will be crushing that hero under my foot."


woensdag 7 augustus 2013

GODLING # 14: Maneater!

GODLING # 14: Maneater!
By Jochem Vandersteen
With the speed of Hermes Godling runs through the hallways of the
abortion clinic. In his hands a ticking timebomb. He’s thinking, “I’m
still not sure if I am pro-life or pro-choice but I’m absolutely anti-
terrorism. If I get my hands on the zealots who placed the bomb in
this clinic I’m going to kick their behinds in jail. But first I need
to get rid of this bomb… safely.”
He runs out of the clinic, which is surrounded by cop cars,
ambulances and fire trucks. The cops and firemen hardly see Godling
leaving the building since he’s running so fast.
He finds his way to the river where he drops the bomb. There is a
loud bang and a spray of water as the bomb explodes in the water.
Except for some puddles on the New Troy Bridge there’s no damage to
anything or anyone however.
“Good, that’s done,” Godling thinks. “Now I have to get to courts
asap. Walker thinks he’s got a pretty good defense now so I hope this
whole lawsuit will be behind me after today. The days in court are
getting to interfere with my superheroing.” With those thoughts he
starts to run again.
Marcus Walker, also known as Safari, New Troy’s urban vigilante and
professor Quentin Alexander’s lawyer is waiting in front of the New
Troy Courthouse. Glancing at his watch he thinks, “Come on, Quentin.
Please be on time…”
“Hello Marcus, I guess you’re waiting for me?” a voice behind him
says. Walker turns around and sees Quentin.
“Man, how did you manage to sneak up on me like that?”
“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.”
Walker puts a hand on Quentin’s shoulder. “No problem. Let’s get
inside and slaughter Amanda Reese and the D.A.”
“I have found out that miss Amanda Reese has filed the same charges
she has filed against my client against three other men. A
psychologist, a councilman and a businessman. All were convicted. But,
members of the jury… Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that the same
things happened to Miss Reese four times in a row?” Walker says in
“Objection! This is not about Miss Reese’s earlier cases.
Professor Alexander is on trial here,” assistant DA Linda Cooper
“I think the information is very relevant,” Walker says. “It shows
miss Reese is systematically targeting men of power, falsely accusing
them of raping her because of some psychological problem.”
“Objection, objection, objection!” Cooper shouts. Amanda looks
Walker smiles and thinks, “Object all you want but this will
surely end the way I want it to…”*
After a few hours the verdict of the jury is given. Not guilty.
As soon as those words are said there is quite some rumour in the
court, causing the judge to bang on his desk with gavel and call for
order. Quentin is hugged by Monica and congratulated by Wade and
“Damn you! Damn you,” Amanda shouts, shaking her fist at Walker.
Cooper told her to quiet down, which she did. But she was thinking,
“I’ll get you for making a fool out of me…”
The following day there’s a big party at New Troy University to
celebrate the good news. Cops like Darlene King and Officer Janson are
present, just like Monica Sawyer and Marcus Walker. People were
holding drinks and eating cake.
“I always knew you were innocent, Quentin,” Janson tells the
Quentin smiles at the perky young cop. “That’s nice to hear,
“Please, call me Kitty,” she says.
“I have to admit I wasn’t very sure, but it’s good to see justice
has been done,” Darlene King says.
“You have no idea how happy I am,” Monica tells Quentin.
“If you’re half as glad as I am, I have a pretty good idea,”
Quentin says.
Then Walker says, “What the hell are you doing here?” Everyone
follows his gaze. They see why he is so upset. Amanda Reese has walked
“You made a fool out of me… All I wanted to do was feel good
again. Get back at all the bastards that caused me so much pain when I
was young. And you just made me look like some psycho bitch,” Amanda
says. She draws a gun from her purse. “I’ll kill you for that.”
If he’d just taken his potion Walker would probably have been fast
enough to dodge the bullet. Alas, he hadn’t. He held up his hand and
shouted. The bullet left Amanda’s gun and hit him in the head.
“NO!” Quentin shouts, also not fast enough to do anything about
the bullet. Walker falls down. Lifeless he is lying on the ground.
King and Wade draw their own guns and perforate Reese with
bullets. Bloodied she goes down as well.
Janson performs CPR on Walker. Wade tells her it’s already too
late. Nobody survives a headshot like that.
“No, no! This can’t be true!” Quentin shouts as sirens can be
heard in the background…
On Olympus Godling stands before Zeus, who is sitting on this throne.
“Damn your stupid rule! I want to bring back Safari to live again.
Marcus Walker saved me from jailtime, is a great hero… He shouldn’t
have died.” Godling says.
Zeus speaks. “Easy, Godling. You are addressing the Father of the
Gods. You should talk with a bit more respect. You know why the rules
are the way they are. You have seen the chaos that would follow if we
allow you to decide about life and death.” (That happened in Godling
“Please, see to it that Thanatos makes sure Walker is treated well
in the Underworld,” Godling pleads.
“That I will personally make sure of,” Zeus says. “Now, go back to
Earth and honour him.”
Godling nods. “I will, I will…” 

zondag 4 augustus 2013

GODLING # 13: Tentacled Terror

GODLING # 13:  Tentacled Terror
by J. Vandersteen

A group of 4 students is sitting in their room on the New Troy
University Campus. The have drawn a symbol on the floor. On the
background heavy metal is playing. One of the students, a skinny kid
with a goatee, is holding a book and reading from it.
  "Wah-ha-za-ya-rahatahra-wazu... Wah-ha-za-ya-rahatahra-wazu..."
  One of the other kids, a bulkier black kid whispers to the girl next
to him, "That Nelson... Crazy as hell. He really believes in this
  The girl giggles, "Yeah, but as long as he's got the weed I don't
mind keeping him company. He,--"
  A fire starts in the symbol... A large hole of light opens in the
floor and from it comes a big squid-like monster. All eyes and
tentacles, so big the walls collapse.
  "This doesn't look good,'' the black kid says.
Professor Quentin Alexander walks out of his classroom after just
having taught another mythology lesson. As he walks the NTU hallways
he can hear the students whisper. Things like, ''There he goes, they
say he raped one of his students, what a creep,'' or ''I can't believe
he's still teaching''. After the false accusation Amanda Reese made
his life has been hell. He was lucky enough to get out on bail, but he
knew there was a very real possibility he would be suspended. NTU
probably didn't want the bad publicity he brought along with him.
  Professor Monica Sawyer runs into him in the hallway. "Hey, Quentin.
Don't mind the rumors. I know you're innocent. And that will be proven
in court soon enough.''
  Quentin gave her a half hearted smile. "Sure. Well, at least you
believe in my innocense. Seems like you're the only on in this city.''
  ''Don't be stupid. Wade also believes that."
  "Right, probably because he thinks I'm too weak to pull something
like that.''
  "That's crap, Alexander! There's nothing weaker than rape."
  Then the walls go down, a big tentacle appearing in the hallway. The
students panic. Through the hole in the wall the big tentacled monster
is visible. It's tearing down the campus, picking up students and
putting them in a grotesque, large mouth.
  "My Lord! What is that thing!" Monica says, gazing at the monster.
"I need to call Wade, tell him to come as soon as possible with all
the firepower the NTPD has." She turns back to Quentin but to her
surprise he's gone.
Quentin changes into Godling, running out of the hallway. Outside, he
charges the monster at full Hermes-speed. The monster sees him coming
with one of his many eyes and slugs him with a tentacle. It is a good
thing Godling uses his Achilles-invulnerability on time or he would be
dead. He's knocked through one of the campus buildings.
  As he gets up he wonders, "What the Hades is that thing. It seems to
come right out of some old pulpy horror novel. Well, whatever it is I
need to stap it ASAP. Not only is it destroying the campus grounds but
it's killing the students as well."
  He flies to the monster, this time making sure the tentacles don't
reach him, evading them until he's close enough to it to smash it with
Heracles-strength. The monster howls and staggers backwards. Godling
lands on the floor before it, not being able to use two superpowers at
the same time. He continues hitting the monster with all his strength,
driving it back. The monster however, refuses to fall. Apparently now
really noticing the threat he grabs Godling with one of his tentacles,
lifting the One Man Pantheon to it's mouth. Godling tries to struggle
free but the monster is incredibly strong. When he's almost in the
mouth of the monster Godling grabs hold of it's tongue and janks it.
That seems to hurt it, dropping Godling.
  Godling decides he needs some ammo, getting close to the monster a
too dangerous endeavor. He starts to rip pieces out of the ground and
throws them at the monster. It however just uses it's tentacles to
keep them away from him. The hero picks up one of the cars on the
parking and runs over to the monster with it, then uses it as a club
to beat the strange enemy where ever he can beat it. Alas, also that
attack doesn't bring the monster down. Instead, it hits our hero again
with one of it's tentacles. This time he ends up against a tree.
  Sitting against the tree he rubs his temples. "I haven't faced
anything this powerful yet. How the Hades am I going to beat the
unbeatable? Where did that thing come from anyway?"
  "Sir... Mr. Godling... I might be able to answer that," a skinny kid
with a goatee and a Strung Out T-shirt standing next to Godling says.
It's Nelson.
  "You can?""
  Nelson holds up a book that says ''Necronomicon'' on the cover. It
seems like a very old and dusty tome. "I used this old book I dug up
at a fleamarket to conjure up this demon from another dimension...''
  "You what? Are you crazy?"
  "No man, just stoned. I really didn't think it would work. I
  Godling grabbed Nelson and looked him straight in the eyes, "How do
we stop that thing?"
  "I don't know man, it doesn't seem to be in the book."
  Godling saw the police had arrived, but with all their firepower
they were unable to hurt the monster. It smashed the police cars with
it's mighty tentacles. It had to be stopped, but how?
Walker is looking through court records online. He's still eager to
prove Quentin Alexander didn't rape Amanda Reese. "Maybe I can find
some kind of old jurisprudence that can help me out. There've been
cases like this before and... Whoa!"
  He looks at the screen of his laptop with his mouth open. There's a
picture of Amanda Reese on it. He reads the text that goes with it.
"What? Amanda Reese went to court on three more accounts of rape? What
is that girl up to?"
"I've got the powers of the Olympian gods... There must be a way to
stop this creature," Godling says. Then he gets an idea. He uses the
power of Poseidon to master the water running through the pipes under
the ground, the water finds its way out of the pipes, through the
ground, serving as a water cannon that fires at the monster. It keeps
the monster away from the cops, but it doesn't really seem to hurt it.
Whipping around its tentacles in a wild frenzy it crushes several cars
and trees, trying to shake of the water.
  "Wait a minute... That thing was conjured up by some sort of magic
spell... And who knows more about magic than Circe, sorceress and
queen goddess." Chanelling her magical abilities the One Man Pantheon
starts to weave a magic spell. "Go back to the dimension you came
from, demonspawn!"
  All kinds of magic symbols appear in the air around Godling's hands.
The demon is caught in a web of light. The ground opens up like it did
before when the monster first appeared. Slowly the monster is being
sucked in the hole and disappears.
  "Whoa man... That was awesome..." Nelson exclaims. Godling gives him
an annoyed look and knocks him down.
Quentin, having changed back from his Godling form encounters Wade
Hudson and Monica Sawyer. Wade's pretty bruised up.
   "Are you all right, Wade?" Quentin asks the tough cop.
  "Yeah, I just caught some shrapnel from when of our cars blew up
thanks to that thing."
  "Did you see Godling fight that thing?" Monica asked. "Where do
things like that come from? It seems life is getting weirder every
day. Where would we be if we didn't have Godling to protect us?"
  "We just need to get more firepower,'' Wade says.
  But Quentin knew there were beings that firepower would not beat.
The world needed Godling for that. If Amanda Reese had her way Godling
would be locked up in a prison cell and the world would be devoid of
their new champion. He would not allow that, he couldn't do that to
the world. He would prove his innocense, he swore it.