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GODLING # 40: The Fall of Godling part 3: All-New, All-Different! by J. Vandersteen

GODLING # 40:  The Fall of Godling part  3: All-New, All-Different! by J. Vandersteen

– GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  The Fall of Godling part 3: All-New, All-Different!

The mountains of Tibet, the castle of The Dark Monk and his followers. The Dark Monk stands before his men, dressed in his black robe, silver bracelets and a traditional Tibetan hat.
   “We are sorry, it seems we were unsuccessful in killing Godling,” one of the monks says, bowing before his master.
   “Cretin! How dare you return here then?” Dark Monk yells.
   “The hero disappeared in a flash of light. We had him on his knees though, I’m sure he is badly hurt.”
   “That is not enough. Pay for you failure!” Dark Monk says and fires a blast of purple light from his hand, disintegrating the monk. “Let that be a lesson for the rest of you. I do not accept failure. Find the Godling and destroy him. THAT is your order.”

Maybe this isn’t so bad after all, Quentin Alexander says, walking on-campus of Troy University. I haven’t been able to provide the quality of colleges I want to with the lack of preparation caused by my adventures as Godling. Without superpowers I have a lot more to time to spend on my real work.
   He runs into Monica. “Quentin, good to see you. You look relaxed.”
   “I guess I feel relaxed.”
   “I heard you broke up with Janson. Too bad, I liked her for you.”
   “It just wouldn’t work out. But how did you find out?”
   “She called me. We’ve become pretty good friends through that whole affair with Wade and that armor of his (a few issues ago).”
   “Good to know something good came out of that whole mess,” I told her. “How are you and Wade doing now?”
   “I’m afraid I saw no other possibility then to break up with him. At least for a while. Even though I know in my head he acted so aggressively towards me because he was under the control of that stupid helmet I just can’t feel… at ease with him like I used to. It might just take time, I’m not sure.”
   “So we’re both single now,” Quentin says. Did I sound too happy about that, he wonders.
   “I guess. That’s not too bad. I always used to enjoy watching bad sci-fi movies with you, or check out new restaurants. We’ll have a bit more time to hang out together again.”
    “Yeah, that’s not too bad indeed. In fact, there’s a new Thai place downtown we could check out tonight.”
    “You got yourself a deal,” Monica says and shakes Quentin’s hand.
   This might have been the best time to lose my powers, that’s for sure. Time to make something of Quentin Alexander’s life instead of Godling’s, the professor thinks.
Superstar Mark Brant wakes up in his penthouse. Bottles of champagne litter the room. There’s a good looking lady in her underwear sitting on his bed. She’s just putting on the rest of her clothes.
   “Hey baby, you leaving?” he asks.
   “You were pretty direct to me when you told me you didn’t want me to stay for breakfast.”
   “Yeah, but I can autograph your behind if you want me to,” Mark says.
   “That won’t be necessary,” the lady says. “Thanks for the experience.”
  Mark watches her put on a dress and walk out the door.
    “Man, I don’t even remember us doing anything. Maybe I should cut down on the booze a bit after all,” Mark says to himself.
    “Wine, women… Bachuss would get along with you just fine,” a voice says.
    Mark jumps out of bed. “Who the…”
    Hermes, Apollo and Ares stand in the room before him. “Just us gods,” Hermes says. “No reason for alarm.”
   “Gods you say? Man, I really really need to cut down on the booze… I’m getting delirious.”
   “You’re not delirious. We’re really gods and we’re really here,” Ares says. “Man, Alexander really did a bad job promoting us.”
   “Alexander?” Mark says.
   “Yeah, the Godling before you.”
  “Before me?”
  “We’re here to turn you into the next Godling.”
  “The superhero from New Troy?”
  “That’s the one.”
  “Why? How? You’re kidding me.”
  “I’m not the biggest kidder,” Ares says.
   “But… I don’t want to be a superhero. I’m a superstar, that’s good enough for me. I’m no superhero material. I like to party, I don’t like putting my life on the line.”
   “Zeus picked you. You can’t just say no,” Apollo says.
   “The hell I can’t!” Mark says.
   “Think about it… You can be all-powerful. Have the powers of the gods… Money you have, we know. But power like that even you can’t buy,” Hermes argues.
   Mark rubs his chin. “Power, huh?”
   “Just let us take you to Olympus and perform the ritual needed,” Apollo says.
   “To Olympus?” Mark repeats, full of disbelief.
Mark stands in a basin a few minutes later. Around the basin all the Olympians stand, holding knives.
   “How did I get here? What is the meaning of this?” he asks.
   “My godlike speed. And the ritual to turn you into Godling, granting you the power to channel our powers,” Hermes answers.
   “Whoa, so you are all the Olympian gods? I have to admit that is cool somewhat. And whoa… Who’s the honey?”
   “You seem to talking about me? I’m Aphrodite and you are way ruder than the former Godling. You have quite a legacy to live up to,” the goddess says.
   “I have no intention to live up to any legacy whatsoever,” Mark says, holding up his hands. “And those knives you are holding really make me antsy.”
  “Start the ritual,” Zeus says.
   All gods cut their wrists, blood pooling into the basin. Slowly the basin fills.
   “That’s disgusting. But hey… I start to feel weird… Energetic…” Mark says.
   “You should, you are gaining the powers of Godling,” Zeus says. “Now Poseidon will grant you the power to change your appearance in that of a superhero.”
   Poseidon steps forward, putting his trident gently against Mark’s forehead. Mark changes…
   “Look into the pool of blood at your reflection. Like what you see?” Zeus asks.
  Mark looks into the pool. What he sees is muscular warrior dressed just like Godling was, but where Godling’s hair was black his is blonde and he is wearing a beard. Also, where Godling’s clothes were blue with a gold trim Mark’s outfit is red with a silver trim.
   “I have to admit I look pretty damn spectacular.”
   “Good,” says Zeus. “We will give you some training now and then you can go back to your world as our champion.”
   “This is all going way too fast,” Mark says. “How many times do I need to tell you I don’t want to be a superhero.”
   “You know Perseus?” Zeus asks.
   “I do, saw him in a movie. Guy can fly right?” Mark says.
   “He can. Think about his powers,” Zeus says.
  As he does suddenly Mark takes to the sky. “I can fly! I can fly! That feels great!” He lands again.
  “Now think of Heracles, you surely know of him,” Zeus says. “Then hit that large boulder.”
  Mark takes a look at the huge boulder behind him. It’s twice his size. “I’d break my fist.”
  “Try it,” Zeus says.
  Mark does and shatters the boulder with one massive punch. “WOW! That felt awesome!”
  “Have you ever felt more powerful, more alive? Think about the adulation of the masses, the things you will be able to do. You will enjoy being Godling, I’m sure.”
   “I do like adulation,” Mark admits. “Okay, I might want to give this gig a shot.”

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