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GODLING # 20: Destiny!

GODLING # 20: Destiny!
by J. Vandersteen
– GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON in :   DESTINY!Master Destiny looks through a window of City Hall. In the room are
Darlene and Janson, chained to the wall, collars around their necks.
“What the--,” Destiny utters. Outside thirteen Godlings approach, an army
of Destiny’s superpowered thugs confronting them. “Looks like Godling is
coming over to kick your behind,” Janson says. Destiny smacks her in the
face. “You ever do that to her again, I’ll take you apart like a clock,”
Darlene says grimly. Destiny laughs, “That won’t be easy all chained up
like that.” Like a caged animal Darlene tugs at the chain, snarling,
reaching out for Destiny. “I’ll kill you, you monster.” “You’ve got it
all wrong, first I’ll have my way with you and then I will kill YOU,”
Destiny says.  *Outside, the Red Godling, flying as are all Godlings, stops a hail of
bullets from the flying leader of the thugs on a gold shield. He
charges into his enemy, slamming him with his mace.
The other Godlings come to blows with the supervillains as well. The
Godling in black uses a sword to fight off his enemies, where others
use their fists. Another Godlings finds a landing spot on the elevated
ground and starts to throw lightning bolts while another one zips all
over the place with Hermes speed, throwing rocks at the enemy.
“We’ll keep these guys busy,” High-tech Godling says, flying next to
Our Godling. “You get inside the building. There’s some cops to save
over there according to history.”
“Will you guys be okay?” Our Godling asked.
High-tech Godling smiled, “Trust yourself. I’ve been doing this a long
time.” Then he lifted a blaster and started to fire at the thugs. “Go,
Destiny puts his Spear against Darlene’s chin. “If you struggle I’ll
impale you. I’m going to have my way with you and your little friend
gets to watch.”
“No! Take me instead!” Janson screams.
Darlene kicks Destiny between the legs. “Take that, monster!”
Destiny doesn’t even flinch and smiles an evil smile. “Nothing can
hurt me while I hold the Spear, harlot. But I can see you’re just too
much trouble to have around. I will have to dispose of you earlier
than I planned to.” He lifts the Spear, ready to strike.
The window breaks, glass flying everywhere. A supervillain, a mix
between a tiger and a human follows the shards of glass, dropping down
on the floor. He’s followed by the one who flung him through the
window, Godling!
“I believe this one is yours?” Godling asks Master Destiny.
This spectacular entrance keeps Destiny from killing Darlene. Instead,
he focuses his attention on the superhero.
“Godling… Finally we meet!”
“Master Destiny… I’ve heard a lot about you. It seems you’re just a
geek in a suit with a big needle in your hand.”
“Don’t mock me, hero! If you anger me I won’t make your death a quick
“Nobody dies here, villain!” Godling says and prepares for a punch.
Destiny fires a blast from his Spear, preventing Godling from
finishing his blow. The One Man Pantheon just manages to duck before
the blast hits him. It blows a hole in the wall behind him instead.
The second punch does land, taking Destiny on the chin. It doesn’t
hurt the villain. He just laughs. “I’m more powerful than you can
imagine, hero.” He fires a big green energy bubble at Godling. The
bubble captures the hero. He tries to punch through it, but is unable
“I’ve been learning to wield this weapon for a long time, Godling.
Obviously longer than you’ve been wielding your superpowers. Ever
since I, as part of a special group of Hitler’s SS managed to acquire
the Spear of Destiny, hidden in the vaults of the Vatican I’ve been
learning about what it can do. We were, of course, ordered by Hitler
to track down the Spear in order to win the war for him. I decided
against that, however. What good would it do to hand over world
domination to someone else when I could win it for myself? I killed my
fellow soldiers and took a hiding during the entire war. It took some
practice to be able to use my willpower to make the Spear do whatever
I want. Slowly I started to improve my proficiency at wielding it,
slowly gaining power… Until the day that is today, the day I’ve
decided I’ve become omnipotent enough to claim mastery of the planet
Earth. I have to admit, you gave me a hard time. I’d intended to make
my coup earlier, but when you appeared I had to train a bit more, just
to be sure I was ready for whatever you were able to throw at me. And
it seems I’ve succeeded.”  *
Outside, the other Godlings are busy fighting Destiny’s thugs. On the
ground Red Godling is taking hit after hit on his shield from a
villain with knifes instead of hands while High-tech Godling is
evading energy blasts from another thug, flying through the air.
High-tech Godling gets an idea and flies towards the thug with the
knives-for-hands, drawing the blasting villains fire to him. His plan
proves to be successful, the villain with knives gets hit by the
blasts. Now Red Godling has the chance to hurt his mace against the
blasting thug’s head, taking him down.  * Our Godling tries to get out of the bubble by hitting it with Heracles
strength and Zeus lightning bolts, but it won’t break.
“It’s no use! I willed that bubble to be unbreakable!” Destiny says.
“Get rid of the Spear!” Darlene yells at Godling. “Without it, he’s
Godling gets an idea. Time to be creative. Like a hamster in his ball
he starts to run at Hermes speed, moving the bubble forward through
the air, knocking into Destiny’s hand that holds the Spear.
The Spear drops, the bubble disappears. Godling is free again! Destiny
quickly tries to grab the Spear. Darlene reaches out for it as well,
but Destiny is just a bit quicker.
Before he can do anything with it, Godling treats him to a roundhouse
punch that smacks Destiny across the room.
Destiny gets up and points the Spear at a potted plant. “I can do
anything I imagine, Goding. There’s no way you will ever defeat me.”
The potted plant starts to grow, it’s vines start to move like they’re
alive. Master Destiny turned it into a green monster with tentacles!
The vines wrap around Godling, trying to squeeze the life out of him.
“You’re a plant. Plants need water, don’t they. Well, let me take all
water away from you!” Godling says, using the power of Poseidon, God
of the Seas.
Without moisture the plant dries out, turning brittle, and dies.
Godling is free again.
Desitny isn’t through with ideas yet, using the Spear to make a spider
in the room grow to monstrous size.
“This is the best you can think of? Fifties B-movie stuff?” Godling
says as the giant spider attacks. He grabs the spider’s first two legs
with Heracles strength and hurls it on it’s back. He jumps on top of
it and takes it out with two lightning bolts.
That brief fight bought Destiny just enough time however to get close
to Officer Janson and put the Spear against her chin. “Give it up,
Godling. Surrender or I kill the young lady.”
“No!” Godling yells.  TO BE CONTINUED…

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