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GODLING # 28: The Reality Bomb Saga Part One


New Troy University... Monica Sawyer is on her way from one campus building to the next. Standing near a tree is a large steel cylinder, on it is a glass ball.
The ball is filled with strange energy particles, swirling around.
"What is THAT?" she exclaims.
The object starts to hum... VRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.....Then, with a load BANG it explodes, knocking Monica down. Students run towards her.
That's the moment things get really strange...
The tree next to the object reaches out to Monica with its branches, like they are arms. The grass around has turned purple. A swarm of bees has human heads.
The students are amazed. "This can't be real..."
Monica screams as the tree's branches grab her, lifting her up. A mouth, filled with large teeth opens in the tree and brings Monica closer.
Quentin Alexander is running around campus, changing into Godling while he runs. "That was Monica! Sounds like she's in danger!"
"what the Hades..." he says open-mouthed as he sees the strange environment around Monica. He gets himself together and attacks the tree, snapping off its branches with Heracles strength.
Monica falls down but Godling catches her with Hermes speed.
"Thank heavens you're around!" Monica says.
"Thank Olympus," Godling says smiling. "What happened here?"
"I don't know. This weird bomb went off and everything around it suddenly became...like a nightmare... Watch out!"
Godling turns around, the tree has grown new branches. They keep on growing, towards Godling. The tips of the branches become claw-like. One of the claws cuts Godling's arm just before he manages to protect himself with Achilles invulnerability.
"Now I'm angry," Godling says and burns down the tree with the powers of Hephaestus, leaving nothing but ash.
"Whoa, not a treehugger are you?" one of the students, a jock-like type says.
A punkrock girl says, "How could you just burn down that beautiful tree?"
Godling holds up his hands, "It was an act of self-defense."
"Look," Monica says and points at the grass. It becomes green again. The bees turn into normal bees as well. "It seems the effect of that bomb have worn off."
"Good," Godling says. "Then I can grow back that tree."
Using the power of Demeter he grows back the tree from the ashes, much to the amazement of the students.
"Awesoooooooome..." the jock says.
"Cool!" the punkrock girl says.
Godling turns to Monica. "I'm still curious about what happened exactly. That reality-changing bomb... What did it look like?"
Monica explains. "It seemed... alien..."
"Could be. I've faced aliens before. We all know they exist after Wrakk's little visit (in #5)."
"Do you think Wrakk had anything to do with it?"
Godling shakes his head. "Probably not. I defeated him. I don't see any sign of that bomb though."
"It seems to have been completely destroyed when it exploded," Monica says.
Godling shrugs. "Not much I can do about it then. I hope we won't encounter one of those things again but I'm afraid we will."
"I only hope you will be around when one of those things appears again," Monica says.
"I hope so too," Godling says and flies off.
Monica sighs, thinking, "I love Wade so much... But every time I meet that hero I lose my breath..."

Two Airsharks, clad in a mesh of spandex and metal, fins protruding from their gloves fly through the air. They watch an armored car drive down the street. They swoop down.
Landing in front of the car they force it to stop. One of them smashes a fist through the window of the truck and pulls out the driver. The man next to the driver steps out of the car and draws his gun.
The other Airshark is on him, biting through his throat with his razorshap sharkteeth.
The Airshark holding the driver tells him, "Open the door and get us the money or you suffer the same faith as your partner."
"I don't think so," a voice says behind them.
The Airsharks turn around. Behind them stands a man dressed in blue and black armor. He wears a helmet. In fact, he looks like a bulkier, armored motorcycle cop. In his hands he holds a large, glowing nightstick.
"I'm sergeant Wade Hudson of the New Troy Police Department. And you are both under arrest."
The Airsharks smile, their sharkteeth looking awfully dangerous. "We will kill you..."
"Try," Wade says and his nightsticks starts to glow brighter.
The Airsharks swoop down on Wade, but he fires a powerfull blasts from the nightstick, knocking them against the armored car.
"Come willingly or in casts... Your choice," Wade warns the villains.
The Airsharks attack again. Their razorsharp fins don't cut through Wade's new armor, though. Wade kicks one of the Airsharks in the stomach and hits another one in the face with the nightstick. Two more hits with the nightstick take them out.
He cuffs them with their hands behind their backs. Using a communication system in his helmet he calls for a truck to transport the villains to jail.
He smiles. "There's a new hero in town, Godling."

"There's a new hero in town, Godling." The voice comes from the TV in Quentin's living room. He's on the couch, eating a pizza. He almost chokes in it.
A newscaster replaces the picture of Wade Hudson in his armor. "This footage comes from one of the security cams in the armored car the supervillains tried to rob. It seems our police force has just become a bit more powerful."
"Where did he get that armor?" Quentin wonders. "Well, I guess it's a good thing? I can't be everywhere at once so I could use some help keeping the streets safe."

Wade walks into Monica's apartment in his armor, the helmet under his arm. "Hello, honey."
"Wade? I just saw you on TV taking down the Airsharks... Is that armor the reason you flew off to Japan?" Monica says.
Wade nods. "Yeah. It's just what I needed to show this city the police are still the ones who keep the peace around here. We are the heroes, not that bodybuilding showboat."
"Come on, Wade... That's not fair. Godling has been saving this city on an almost daily basis for quite some time now. He's a real hero. In fact, he saved my life today."
Wade balls a fist. "He what?"
Monica tells him what happened.
Wade grunts. "A reality bomb? Another one of those weird things that appear only when he's around. Have you ever stopped to think it might be possible he's behind the very evils he sets out to stop?"
"Why would he do that? That's ridiculous!"
"Is it? He's some sort of messenger of the Greek Gods, isn't he? Maybe he wants us to worship them again... Through this ingenious plan of giving us evils for him to fight until we start to worship him like a god."
"No! He's a real hero. Why can't you see that?"
"This talk isn't going anywhere. Are you in love with that showboat or something?"
Monica's mouth opens but she says nothing.
"I know enough. Goodbye!" Wade storms out, leaving Monica behind, crying...


The New Troy Mall. It is closed for the night. Two tall men with long white beards appear out of nowhere, teleporting to the mall it appears.
They teleport away again, leaving a reality bomb.
They appear again in Paris. In Washington near the White House. In England near Buckingham Palace. In a crowded Tokyo street...


The Godling with an eye-patch walks into the new Troy Mall and stands next to the reality bomb. "And so it starts..."


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