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GODLING # 37: The Right Person

GODLING # 37:  The Right Person
by J. Vandersteen


“I don’t believe it… You actually call yourself Marble Man?” Godling asks. He is standing in a jewellery store. The display windows are smashed, jewellery strewn all over the floor. Facing him is a man in a red skintight suit with black lining and a red facemask. Silver marbles cover his suit.
“Why not? Marbles are my main weapons,” the man in red and black says.
“And with weapons like that you think it is a good idea to rob a jewellery store in my hometown?”
“I’ll show you why!” Marble Man says and throws a handful of marbles at Godling.
The hero catches them with the speed of Hermes. He opens his hands, showing the marbles he caught. “That’s why?”
“Wait for it…” Marble Mans says. That’s when the marbles explode. Godling is thrown against a wall by the impact, badly hurt.
Two cops have just entered the store. One of them is Officer Janson. She runs towards Godling and kneels beside him. “Godling? Are you okay?”
“Just dandy,” the One Man Pantheon groans. “That should teach me not to underestimate these costumed clowns.”
“You’re bleeding,” Janson says.
Godling moves his hands over his wounds. “Easily remedied.” The healing powers of Aescilapus close the wounds left by the explosions.
The other cop is pointing his gun at Marble Man. “Freeze!”
“Right, I almost defeated Godling… No way you are able to stop me,” Marble Man says and throws another handful of marbles. They hit the cop’s head and he goes down, KO.
Marble Man laughs. “I didn’t even need to use the special marbles.”
“You caught me off guard, I admit… But now I’m going to take you down,” Godling says, fists clenched. “Janson, will you take care of your partner?”
“Sure,” Janson says and sits next to the other cop, inspecting his bruised head. “He seems to be okay, considering…”
Marble Man throws a handful of marbles. From the marbles thin lines of rope appear, forming a net that drops over Godling. “I’ve got a lot more trick marbles up my sleeves, hero.”
The Olympian Prophet tears the net apart with the strength of Heracles. “Show me.”
“Sure,” Marble Man says and throws a marble that suddenly grows in size, becoming the size of a wrecking ball.
Godling catches it and throws it on top of Marble Man. “Stupid move!”
Marble Man is lying helpless underneath the giant marble. “Craaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppp…”
“Go ahead and cuff this moron,” Godling tells Janson.
“Sure thing,” she says, cuffs in hand. “By the way, did I thank you yet for clearing up that whole business with sergeant Hudson? We were really happy to find out his behaviour had been caused by that Japanase shapeshifter and he didn’t actually become the creep he seemed to have become.”
“Just glad to help out, Officer,” Godling says. “Take care.” And he runs out of the store, jumps up and flies away.
“That’s our hero,” Jansons says.

“Hello darling,” Wade Hudson says, standing in front of Monica at her door.
“Err… Hi, Wade,” Monica says.
“Can I come in?”
“Err… Yeah… I guess… Sure….” Monica stammers.
They walk inside her apartment.
“How are you doing?” Wade asks.
“Fine. Fine I guess. You?”
“I’ve been better, I didn’t really enjoy my time being cooped up in the interrogation room but I’m happy everything has been cleared up and we all know what caused my erratic behaviour.”
“Yes. Right.”
Wade puts a hand on Monica’s shoulder. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”
Monica puts a defensive step back. “I’m sorry, Wade. I’m sorry. I know you were under the influence of that damned helmet when you mistreated me, but every time I see you I can’t help being… scared. I keep seeing that other side of you.”
“Come on, Monica. Give me a break here. We’ve been together for years now. How can you see my evil version when you’ve know the good version for so long?”
“I gues… God, I’m so sorry, Wade… But I guess I have some doubts about how far apart the two versions of you are.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Wade yells.
Monica holds up her hands defensively. “That’s just the kind of behaviour I’m talking about. You’ve always been every bit the Alpha-male. Aggressive. Combative. I’m not sure you’re the right person for me. I love books, poetry, classical music. You like sports, action flicks and heavy metal. Maybe we just don’t really belong together. Maybe that’s why we never moved in together.”
“I thought you just liked your own space. But maybe that was just my reason not to. But haven’t you heard that opposites attract.”
“Maybe that’s just not the case for me.” A tear appears in the corner of Monica’s eye.
Wade moves forward, holding up a hand tenderly. “I just want to wipe away those tears.”
“Please don’t. I think you’d better leave. I think we need to take a break.”
“Huh. What? You think that weakling Quentin is a better match for you? Is that it? I bet he came running to your rescue as soon as he heard what happened between us. I bet he’ll come running to you the minute he hears about this news as well.”
“Don’t be ridiculous. We’re just friends. And he has a thing going on with Janson.”
“Wonder how long that will last now. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, Monica. And I’m sure that, if you’re honest you’ve seen it to.”
“Please. Leave. Please.”
“Sure. Gladly.” And Wade walks out the door, slamming it behind him.

“Well, looks like he isn’t that tough without his gadgets,” Janson says, looking satisfied at Marble Man, walking inside the police station’s jail with his hands cuffed behind his back.
“You and Godling managed to nab another costumed clown?” Darlene King asks her.
“I just cuffed him. Godling gets the credit for taking him down. As usual,” Janson says.
“Nice to get one without superpowers. With all the really dangerous superpowered baddies getting locked up at Tartarus II our jail has been devoid of guests for some time,” King says.
“Indeed. Well, have to hurry. I’ve got a date scheduled with Quentin in half an hour.”
“Stuff still going right between the two of you? Opposites attract I guess.”
“What do you mean?”
“Feisty little punkrock-loving girl like you with a stuffed and square intellectual like Alexander…”
“Honestly? I have some doubts lately. I mean, I really love him with all my heart but sometimes it feels like his heart belongs to somebody else.”
King smiles, arms crossed, looking smug. “Let me guess, with Monica Sawyer.”
Janson blushes. “You’ve noticed too?”
“Who hasn’t? I know Wade has. Hates the professor for it too. Monica denies seeing it, but I think she’s lying. Either to all of us or herself.”
“Damn. So what would you do? I mean, I love him but should I stay in a relationship with a guy who cannot really love me back fully?”
“You’re asking me for advice on relationships? You’ve got the wrong person, sugar. If it’s about guns, forensics and martials arts I’m your girl. Relationships I know nothing about. I still spent most my nights alone with a copy of Guns & Ammo. But I guess if I had to give any advice I’d say… Just talk your man.”
“Guess that’s good advice,” Janson says.
“What is?” a voice asks.
Janson and King turn their heads and are greeted by professor Quentin Alexander.
“Oh, nothing…” Janson says. “Good to see you.”
“Likewise. I reserved a table at Luigi’s. You up for some Italian food?” Quentin asks.
“Sure,” Janson says.
Hand in hand they walk away. King watches them go and thinks, Good luck, sugar.

Olympus. Zeus is sitting on his throne. Apollo, Aphrodite, Hermes and Ares stand before him.
“I asked you here to confer with me about the acomplishments of our prophet, Quentin Alexander / Godling. Or the lack of those. We empowered him so he could spread our gospel across Earth so people would believe in us once more. He seems to have been quite unsuccessful, though.”
“He’s done some very heroic deeds though,” Aphrodite says.
“Oh, he has. And they fancy him quite the superhero. But how much has he really told the world about the source of his powers? How much have his actions strengthened the people of Earth’s belief in us.”
“They have been sorely lacking on that side indeed,” Ares says.
Zeus strokes his beard. “Maybe we have chosen the wrong person as our prophet…”

NEXT ISSUE: Quentin & Janson have an important talk as a new threat rises and the Olympians voice their doubts…

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