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GODLING # 38: The Fall of Godling part 1: Not A Fighter by J. Vandersteen

GODLING # 38:  The Fall of Godling part 1: Not A Fighter by J. Vandersteen

– GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  The Fall of Godling part 1: Not A Fighter

“I think you should be a bit more lenient about Quentin,” Aphrodite tells Zeus. She stands before his throne, Apollo, Hermes and Ares are standing there as well.
     “Really? Take a look at the effects he had on the people’s belief of us. That Kevin Sorbo TV-show did more for us. And that was ridiculous,” Ares says.
    “But what about his fight against those aliens? The way he saved the city from King Winter or those guys from another dimension?” Aphrodite countered. “Or the heroes he inspired like Safari, Dober-Girl, Bogatyr, etcetera?”
    “That’s just it. He inspired a lot of those so-called superheroes. And sure, more and more people seem to follow in those footsteps. But how much focus has he given the fact he owes all his powers to us?”
   “Ares does have a point. I don’t think that many people are aware he was in fact created by us,” Hermes admits.
   “Yes, maybe. But he’s been busy saving the world, he’s not an actor or rock star appearing on talk shows and their like,” Aphrodite says.
    “Why do you keep sticking up for him? Do you have a soft spot for this human?” Ares asks.
    “He’s got a very big and kind heart and is unlucky in love. Yes, I have soft spot for him,” Aphrodite confesses. “And I think that this heart still makes him the best choice for our prophet.”
    “He’s not the most talented fighter though,” Ares says. “I guess that’s another reason you like him so much… He’s a lover, not a fighter.”
    Hermes smiles. “I actually don’t think he does much loving…”

Luigi’s, a popular Italian restaurant in New Troy. Professor Quentin Alexander and Janson are eating. Quentin is eating pasta, Janson a pizza. Janson is drinkin wine, Quentin a Coke.
     “What I wanted to talk about… We’ve been seeing each other for a few months now…” Quentin says after a bite of pasta. “And I really like you…”
    Oh dear, where’s he going with this? Is he going to ask me for some more commitment? Janson thinks. I’m not ready for that. Not after all the doubts that have been sown. I really think he’s more into Monica and I’m just sloppy seconds. That doesn’t feel right…
    “The thing is… It’s been nice but not really too serious yet… And I think….,” Quentin continues, thinking, I just have to tell her we have to break up. It’s not fair to be with here when my feelings may be influenced by my future self. It just might not be the true, real love I’m after…
    “Stop! Before you go any further, I have to tell you something,” Janson says, holding up a hand. “I think we should take a break. You’re a really nice guy, but this isn’t working out. I’m not sure it’s because we don’t match. It’s more that I really think you’re not into me enough. I think you need to face your crush on Monica before you can really be in a relationship with someone else.”
    “Wha-a-at?” is all Quentin can say.
    “You seem to be denying it but everyone can see what you feel for her.”
    “But… But she’s with Wade. I mean…”
    “I know she’s with Wade. But that doesn’t diminish the fact you have very strong feelings for her. You need to get over those before you can really commit to anyone wanting a serious relationship with you.”
    “I-I’m not sure I follow you,” Quentin says, thinking, I don’t believe this is happening… Should I be relieved that I’m not the one having to break up now? Why don’t I feel relieved? This is what I wanted, right?
    “That’s it. I said it. I’m sorry, Quentin, you’re a nice guy but this just isn’t working,” Janson says with tears in her eyes. “I think I’d better go.” And off she walks, leaving a befuddled Quentin.
    “Err… Check please!?” he says to the passing waiter.

The mountains of Tibet… Hidden by magical anti-surveillance spells stands an impressive looking castle that seems to be a strange combination of old-fashioned building techniques and high-tech technology.
    Inside, a dozen black-clad monks bow before a tall man, wearing a black robe, silver bracelets and a traditional Tibetan hat. He has a Fu Manchu moustache and a goatee. He wears a mask with red goggles.
    “Dark Monk, Master! Why have you asked for us?” one of the monks asks.
    The Dark Monk speaks, “My followers, the time has come. The planets have finally aligned in the correct manner to start our conquest of Earth.”
    “Finally, how wonderful. What can we do to server you?” the monk asks.
    “We start our conquest in New Troy. The stars say we need to defeat the hero known as Godling first if we are to have any success.”
    “We know of this hero. He is a powerful man. How will we defeat him?”
    “He will be no match against your magic. Worry not. Soon he will lie defeated at our feet.”


“Your arguments have been lacking,” Zeus tells Aphrodite. “My opinion is clear now. Professor Quentin Alexander was not the right choice to be our prophet.”
    “I’m telling you, you are wrong about that,” Aphrodite insists.
    Zeus holds up a commanding hand. “I still make the decisions here.”
    Aphrodite lowers her eyes. “Of course.”
    “So, what do we do now?” asks Hermes.
    “We take away his powers, of course,” Zeus says. “And then, we find us a new prophet…”

Quentin walks out of the restaurant. Janson is already gone.
   “Man, what just happened. I really didn’t see that one coming,” Quentin says to himself. The moment he speaks those words six dark-clad monks appear in the middle of the street.
    One of them, apparently the leader says, “According to our divination spell we are very close to the Godling now…”
    Cars need to break like crazy. Two of them smash into each other.
   Who are these guys? What are they doing here in the middle of the street? Where did they come from? Did they just teleport in here something? Quentin wonders. They sure seem to spell trouble.
   The leader of the monk says, “Godling? Godling? Show yourself now, or we kill until you appear.”
   With those words he draws an ancient looking black dagger and points it a man walking by, wearing an iPod, lost in thought. A black bolt of fire shoots from the dagger, burning the man in a second, leaving only ashes.
   This violent move is reason for Quentin to lose all caution, he transforms into Godling, oblivious of anyone who could witness the transformation and runs into the monk.
   “Vile being! How could you do that?” he punches the monk with enough force to send him flying into a car, smashing the window.
   The monk jumps of the car, unharmed. “I was just in time with my protection spell. Good to see you, Godling. Let us make you taste your defeat.”
    Godling clenches his fist, face full of anger. “You haven’t caught me at my happiest moment… And what you just did to that citizen is unacceptable. You’re going to be in a world of hurt soon!”

NEXT ISSUE: Godling loses his powers at the worst possible moment as he faces the mysterious evil monks and… who will be the new Godling then?    


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